Galt & Company’s approach delivers superior shareholder returns and enduring organizational capabilities.

Defining the Opportunities:

Every company is unique. At the beginning of a new corporate engagement, Galt provides senior management with a comprehensive assessment of the financial, strategic and organizational issues and opportunities impacting the corporation’s shareholder value. From that assessment, top management is provided with a quantified value-improvement agenda: a prioritized list of the highest value-at-stake issues and opportunities facing the corporation. Based on that assessment, management has a practical and tangible list of the benefits that will accrue from working with our firm.

Delivering the Results:

Galt then works with corporate and business unit management to capitalize on the highest value-at-stake issues facing the company. We support management in developing the financial, operating and strategic facts needed to make informed decisions, formulate and evaluate practical options and ensure commitment to detailed implementation plans and specific performance targets and milestones.

Institutionalizing the Capabilities:

Finally, we ensure the information and capabilities to sustain a more disciplined approach to managing shareholder value are adopted throughout the corporation.

For further elaboration of how this approach has been applied at other leading corporations, please reference Beliefs, Behaviors and Results, the Chief Executives Guide to Delivering Superior Shareholder Value, a Greenleaf publication. Now available in audiobook format. (Audible, Amazon, & iTunes)