Galt & Company delivers results, not just recommendations. We hold ourselves accountable for the profitable growth and shareholder returns of our clients.

Improved Strategies

Higher performance business portfolios

  • Defining economically attractive markets where competitive advantage can be achieved and profitable growth is possible
  • Redirecting resources to expand value creating businesses more aggressively
  • Fixing or disinvesting from value consuming businesses or business segments
  • Targeting and successfully integrating value creating acquisitions

More profitable business models

  • Focusing on gaining share of economically profitable market segments
  • Differentiating the product/service offer for profitable customers
  • Pricing in order to create customer value and shareholder value
  • Configuring the supply chain and commercial operations to most efficiently and effectively source and supply attractive customer markets

More effective execution

  • Translating strategic decisions into specific action plans, performance commitments and resource requirements
  • Establishing more disciplined performance monitoring and management capabilities

Improved Capabilities

Sharpened governance conditions, decisions standards and incentives

  • Aligning corporate and business units performance targets with shareholder improvement goals
  • Improving the line-of-site and quality of dialogue between top management and the business units
  • Tightening the linkage between strategic, resource allocation and budget decisions
  • Linking performance incentives with the drivers of shareholder value

Strengthened understanding and commitment

  • Improving understanding of the sources and drivers of shareholder value across the organization
  • Building commitment to the behaviors and actions required for success
  • Improving the quality and content of investor communications