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Our people are trained in economics, corporate finance, corporate and business unit strategy and organizational design and are experienced in practically applying that knowledge to improve the performance of large complex corporations.

As a consultant at Galt & Company, you will be part of a joint client and consultant team, helping identify high value-at-stake issues, evaluate alternatives for addressing the issues, and develop and execute practical implementation plans to turn strategies into results. This includes developing a fact-based understanding of the level and drivers of market economics, competitor economics and internal client financials. Day-to-day you will: (1) structure and execute specific pieces of analysis, (2) develop clear and concise presentation materials, and (3) effectively communicate results to the client.

Your performance and ambition will drive your professional growth at Galt, not your tenure. While there are clear and helpful guidelines to provide a framework for your career development, they are an aid to accelerate your contribution and not rigid rules to drive a fixed career path or set time for advancement. Outstanding results are recognized both by roles on the team and in our advantaged compensation system.

In addition to clear and practical career development guidelines, Galt provides formal training to supplement on-the-job training where the real learning takes place. The formal training is led by senior Galt consultants, peer training sessions, and outside experts as needed. At least four times a year, all consultants are brought together worldwide for formal, multi-day training sessions that provide instruction as well as opportunities for social connections. At least twice a year, significant others/spouses are invited to these company events to participate in the social activities. Galt is unique in allowing consultants to plan the locations for these training sessions, which can vary from the Bahamas, to Las Vegas, Chicago, NYC, or Napa Valley.

Your on-the-job training is ensured by working side-by-side with the most experienced Galt Managing directors, something else that makes Galt & Company unique from other leading advisory firms where senior leaders “fly in” once every six weeks for major meetings. Galt Managing Directors work side-by-side with consultants to both transfer experience and knowledge and also to ensure the client receives the highest quality advice possible.

Consultants will be exposed to a breadth of areas that allow them to be the best advisers to the world’s leading General Managers. This experience varies by:

  • Industry — from Consumer Products, Financial Services, Industrial Products and Pharmaceuticals to name just a few
  • Function — from Finance, Strategy, Operations, and Human Resources
  • Location — throughout the United States, or if the consultant desires, multiple international locations are often possibilities

We serve clients globally, although a majority of work occurs in the United States. Our consultants spend three-to-four days a week at the client site and the remainder in their home office. Consultants can live wherever they like, as long as they are near an airport. While there are almost always international work opportunities, there is no requirement for our consultants to be able to work overseas; but if you want to there is ample opportunity.

Your experience at Galt & Company will be unparalleled in the consulting industry. Whether you choose to stay in consulting with Galt & Company long-term, or if life takes you into another field, your time at Galt is valuable. For those who do decide to leave Galt at some point in their career, we have a tight-knit alumni network that goes out of their way to help you find the right next career step.

Interested candidates should send a resume and cover letter to

Alumni Experiences

Joining Galt was the single most impactful decision I have made in my career to date. The unique confluence of…

· CEO-led engagements,
· fortune 200 clients,
· small working teams,
· and an experienced brain trust of internal senior leadership

…provided a powerful training ground in which I was able to gain exposure to high-impact strategic work at an earlier stage in my career than I believe I could have elsewhere. I apply many of the principles and practices learned while at Galt in my current role as CEO of a small wireless technology business. It cannot be overstated that, whether a company is a publicly traded Fortune 200 enterprise or a private business comprised of 20 employees, the fundamentals of managing for value are unwavering. My experience with Galt has given me a set of tools to quickly identify sources and drivers of value inside a business and the discipline to differentially allocate capital and resources to capture this value.

- Rob Dillon, Chief Executive Officer, Communications Service
Alumni Experiences

My time with Galt was the perfect training ground to prepare me for the next phase in my career. Galt's approach to identifying and building value is the approach EVERY company should follow. The skills I learned at Galt have made me much more effective in driving profitable growth and strategic change.

What economics drive the business model? Where is value concentrated? What are the right market opportunities to pursue? How do we best communicate opportunities and drive organizational change? These are all issues I address every day—and do so far better because of Galt.

- Andrew Annacone, Vice President Finance & Strategy, Redbox
Alumni Experiences

Working at Galt was one of the best decisions I have made. I got great exposure to executives at Fortune 100 companies, learned how to build powerful but easy to use financial models, and worked with some very bright and fun people.

The culture at Galt is very unique. The lack of hierarchy promotes the free flow of ideas and information and helps build lasting friendships. My training at Galt has helped me hit the ground running in my new job as an investment banker in the restructuring group at Evercore Partners. I feel well prepared and confident in helping companies navigate financial and operational challenges.

- Pranav Gupta, Restructuring Advisor, Evercore Partners
Alumni Experiences

During my tenure at Galt I was engaged in strategic transformations with clients in multiple industries, including medical devices, consumer products, and financial services. Our client impact was impressive, driven not only by the strength of Galt’s analytical framework, but also by a commitment to detailed alternative development and implementation planning.

As evidence of our impact, on multiple occasions I was fortunate to hear senior management discuss the successful outcomes of Galt’s work. Having joined as an undergraduate hire, my experiences at Galt were invaluable for my professional development. The comprehensive nature of Galt’s engagements exposed me to multiple functions within each organization, and challenged me to consider the integrated solutions required to achieve a successful strategic impact. I continue to rely on the analytical skills and framework for strategic thinking I gained at Galt in my current position, advising on portfolio company strategy for a private equity firm in Chicago.

- Daniel McLaughlin, Private Equity
Alumni Experiences

I found my time at Galt to be an excellent foundation for my current work in private equity. Fundamentally, Galt's practice is built upon the governing principle that all capital is borrowed, and businesses must return above their cost of capital in order to create shareholder value.

This is the essence of wealth creation in the private equity world, and my experiences advising clients on behalf of Galt prepared me well for a value based approach to investing and growing portfolio value to maximize investor returns. My time at Galt also instilled in me an appreciation for identifying as early as possible the key value drivers for a business, and aligning management (and ultimately incentives) around performance against those value drivers. The partners at Galt challenge management to embrace a value based mindset, to dig into the economics of their businesses and understand at a deep level both sources of value creation and culprits of value destruction. They push leaders to be decisive, to accelerate the pace of decision-making and to take a stand against waste and inefficiency. In short, as I look back, it is clear to me that in many respects Galt brings the discipline of private equity to publicly traded multi-national corporations. This is an ambitious undertaking, but Galt's results speak for themselves.

- Evan Trent, Sterling Partners, Acting VP Digital Strategy
Alumni Experiences

Galt provided the unique opportunity to deliver high-impact strategic recommendations while working in a collaborative non-hierarchical environment. The fast pace and variety, plus the opportunity to work directly with senior leadership at Fortune 200 clients, accelerated my learning beyond any expectations.

Overall, I truly enjoyed the Galt experience on both a personal and professional level and look forward to applying what I learned at Galt to my new operating role in the biotech industry.

- Dan Ulvila, Executive Director of Field Operations and Strategy, Horizon Pharma