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Galt & Company Explains Innovative Approach to Increased Shareholder Value in Corporate Review Interview
Successfully addressing the critical issue of growing shareholder value is the goal of Galt & Company.

Boca Raton FL, April 22, 2014 – The partners of Galt & Company have been associated with some of most notable corporate success stories of the last two decades, including those at Coca-Cola, Clorox, Gillette, Abbott Laboratories, BB&T, Alcan, MeadWestvaco and others. Scott Gillis, Co-founder and Senior Managing Director of Galt & Company, makes an extremely incisive observation during a recent appearance on Corporate Review. Gillis states, “While competition is greater than ever, we find that management misconceptions about what drives shareholder value and how to manage its growth, not competition, is the greatest impediment to improving shareholder value.”

Galt & Company helps global corporations develop the strategies and organizational capabilities that result in superior shareholder returns. The firm’s clients average 50% higher shareholder returns than their industry peers and double their market capitalization every four to five years. Galt & Company has offices in New York, Chicago, London and Singapore.

In addressing the unique perspective of value-managed companies, Joe Shalleck, a Co-Founder, notes, “We work with management to focus on the beliefs and behaviors that impact the decisions and actions of management for years to come and ultimately determine the results a company achieves in both the customer and capital markets.”

Lee Mergy, the firm’s third Co-Founder, explains, “There are five basic traits which are essential for a corporation to maximize shareholder value.” The firm recently published a book, Beliefs, Behaviors & Results, profiling how ten leading Chief Executives establish these traits across their organizations to deliver billions of dollars in additional shareholder value.

J.L. Haber, Vice President of Programming for Corporate Review, announced the new broadcast with the comment, “The core requirement of all business is to provide the desired return to its shareholders. The innovative strategies and techniques introduced by Galt & Company make them one of the most prominent players in this market segment of maximizing shareholder value.”