Superior Performance

Galt & Company clients outperform their competition in both the customer and capital markets, consistently delivering superior shareholder returns thanks to our business consulting services.

Our management consulting firm helps clients develop the strategies and organizational capabilities needed to deliver superior shareholder returns. We offer CEO business consulting and executive business management.

Galt and Company has helped McCormick to focus our businesses on the right priorities to deliver shareholder value. They brought strategic insights and an operational framework which quickly became imbedded into our operations.

- Alan Wilson, Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer, McCormick & Company

After introducing Galt’s methodology, we’re better at targeting market segments and customers, understanding real return, and asking the right questions to filter out poor economic decisions. This is about changing the way you manage the company.

- Miles White, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, Abbot Laboratories

Galt & Company Managing Directors are different from other top management advisors. They deliver results, not just recommendations. They have had a tremendous impact on our results and an enduring impact on Alcan’s organizational capabilities.

- Travis Engen , Previously Chief Executive, Alcan and Chairman and Chief Executive, ITT Industries

Jim Kilts, Chairman and CEO is a friend of mine who has turned around several companies. I asked him how he did this and he mentioned that he used a particular firm, Galt & Company. Last fall we hired Galt & Company to look at our overall strategy … their insights were non-intuitive and highly impactful.

- John Allison, Chairman of the Cato Institute, Previously Chairman and Chief Executive, BB&T