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Delivering Superior
Shareholder Value

We help clients develop the strategies and organizational capabilities that achieve and sustain superior performance in both the customer and capital markets. About Galt

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Value Growth.

Galt & Company clients outperform their competitors and deliver shareholder returns more than 1.5x their industry index. Client Results

Galt & Company Managing Directors are different from other top management advisors. They deliver results, not just recommendations. They have had a tremendous impact on our results and an enduring impact on Alcan’s organizational capabilities.

Travis Engen, Former Chief Executive, Alcan and Chairman and Chief Executive, ITT Industries

The Definitive
Executive Guide
to Achieving and
Sustaining Superior
Shareholder Value.

Co-authors Gillis, Mergy and Shalleck have a very clear vision of what’s most important in leading and managing a business and how that’s achieved. Their analysis is insightful and their conclusions instructive and practical. This is a high-value read for any current or future business leader who wants to do it right—to take good care of the enterprise’s constituencies and achieve the ultimate goal: delivering sustainable economic profit growth.

Miles D. White, Chairman and CEO Abbott Laboratories

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Galt’s Guiding Principles

Galt & Company believes the best measure of a company’s success is delivering superior shareholder returns compared to industry peers.

Chief Executives who are successful in outperforming their peers share a common belief in five key principles:

1. Establish the right definition of winning and measure of success

2. Capitalize on the fact that shareholder value is always highly concentrated

3. Manage to an explicit value-improvement agenda

4. Deploy differentiated strategies and resource allocation

5. Build the organizational conditions and capabilities to manage shareholder value

These five principles guide Galt & Company’s analytical approach and have helped achieve some of the most notable corporate turnarounds and success stories of the last two decades.

Careers at Galt:

Honesty, Integrity, Respect

It’s great to have people around you that you work with well, get along with and can grab dinner with, it’s not just a work relationship.

Eric, Consultant

I love what I do, I think it’s been a great learning experience for me and I have been able to contribute in a way that’s made me feel proud of my work.

Isabel, Director

If you are a self-starter, if you are an independent thinker, but if you like to work in a team environment, Galt and Company is the place for you.

John, Managing Director