Our Difference

Galt & Company is the only management advisory firm entirely dedicated to helping corporations deliver superior performance in both the customer and capital markets. We have an unmatched track record of enduring client success, as measured by the multi-year shareholder returns our clients deliver relative to their peers.

Superior shareholder returns are the consequence of doing a better job than your competition at:

  1. Creating value for your customers and
  2. Capturing a portion of that value for your company’s shareholders.

Pursuing either objective in isolation leads to suboptimal results, yet few advisors approach performance with this dual objective in mind.

Galt & Company is the only advisor that helps management build the strategies and business decision-making disciplines needed to outperform competition in both the customer and capital markets. We bring a unique combination of financial, economic, strategic and organizational design capabilities, along with over two decades of experience working with some of the world’s best-managed companies.

We believe that quality advice comes from focused experience and that outside advisors should be used to build organizational capabilities, not replace them.